Rita on the Rocks is a full service private jeweller. For over a decade Rita has travelled the world working side by side global retail jewellers and manufacturers. The bulk of her time has been spent as a private personal shopper, providing knowledge, expert guidance and ease throughout the purchasing process of fine jewellery.


Given her background, Rita became the go-to person for all jewellery-related inquiries from friends, her friends’ friends, their friends, etc… Unfortunately, one thing became undeniably clear: the market is overpaying for adequate quality jewellery. This realisation led to the creation of Rita on the Rocks, where Rita’s skills and connections can be made accessible to all customers online.


With direct access to wholesalers and manufacturers from around the globe Rita will take all the leg work and research out of your hands, with complete confidence that she will be able to get you exactly what you want.

Our goal is to provide a luxurious and personal buying experience where you are able to get exactly what you envision, made with superior quality gemstones and craftsmanship, all while being more cost effective than a custom jeweller, a traditional retailer or online retailer. No store, no retail markup, no middleman. Rita on the Rocks does custom work and offers a selection of curated modern and vintage/antique pieces that you are able to purchase directly from wholesale inventory.

Rita on the Rocks, full service custom jewelry

We aspire to bring back the quality that has been lost, the personalized service that has been forgotten and the memorable and easy experience of buying beautiful jewellery.


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