With an affinity for beautiful jewellery and an unparalleled eye for quality and crafstmanship, Rita was an International Private Jewellery Advisor for almost 10 years. During this time she consulted buyers, retailers and manufacturers on every aspect of jewellery making and gemstone purchasing.

Throughout Rita's career, it became clear that the industry was going through a transition and that jewellery wasn't being made like it used to. Jewellery that was heavy, durable and made to last a lifetime was becoming a thing of the past. Fortunately, during her years abroad she was lucky enough to work directly with renowned and innovative manufacturers in the world's largest diamond hubs. Given that she has built longstanding relationships with key players in the global jewellery industry, she is able to provide direct access to wholesale goods and high quality pieces without any of the middle men or costs associated with traditional retail.

The bulk of her time was working as a private jeweller, working one-on-one with buyers to build the perfect piece that would best suit their taste, aesthetic, budget and lifestyle. Rita is trained by GIA gemologists and has extensive experience working with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and a variety of other gemstones. Rita has worked with pieces ranging from $1000 USD to $1,200,000 USD.

There are so many things to think about when buying a piece, but most people have no idea where to start! Sit down, relax - Rita will do all the thinking and you do all the flaunting!